Subtitling Services

We subtitle movies, TV series, documentaries e.t.c.
services in over 50 languages

Subtitling services delivered with precision and style

Our subtitlers are highly skilled linguists, using the most up-to-date specialist software and industry-standard guidelines. They handle large volumes of work at impressive speed, while safeguarding quality, and time subtitles from scratch. Our subtitling teams offer succinct editing services, which communicate content in a concise way, whilst staying true to the source material.

We specialize in producing vast volumes of work to tight deadlines. We are also experienced in running multi-language projects across various Aforevo Dubbing facilities, all coordinated from one central location of choice. Whether you desire English subtitles for French dramas, Twi subtitles for the latest Nollywood movies, or Lingala subtitles for your corporation’s quarterly results video, Aforevo Dubbing is the multi-lingual subtitling company for you.

Our in-house and freelance staff undergo strict training to ensure our rigorous subtitling standards are adhered to at all times. We have a rigid quality control system in place, and based on our clients’ budgets we offer additional quality control for our array of subtitling services.

No language is too big a challenge for our subtitling teams – we excel in a wide range of alphabets and styles.

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Movie subtitling

We have subtitled over 100 movies in different languages…

High Volumes

Each month, we localise thousands of hours of TV content for entire channels into a variety of languages…

Fast turnarounds

Our Award-show subtitling is completed overnight.